The World is Flattened

April 8, 2020

Audio Recording

Welcome to a new edition of the self-isolated socially distant quarantined curfewed sheltered-in-place Mark Steyn Show with an audio Coronacopia of news and comment, plus a few other diversions, including Joe vs Justin, a rare Brit non-wanker copper, the future of the dollar, sharks, shoes, Serbs, and a song for disposal of your last remains.

If you like this format, Steyn may do more. But, if you don't, we shall speak no more about it. For now, simply click above to listen. And, if you're a Mark Steyn Club member and you'd like to submit a question for Mark to address on his next show, please leave it in the comments below. Do stay on topic - and no URLS, please, as they wreak havoc with our page formating.

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Steyn will return later this evening with Part Nineteen of A Journal of the Plague Year.