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November 23, 2020

Audio Recording

Welcome to the Monday edition of The Mark Steyn Show, in which Mark contrasts the defenestration of Mrs Thatcher with the fixed rigidity of American politics. He also looks back to the peculiar convulsions of the weekend, and to the lessons of Rudy's 2008 presidential campaign. There's also another edition of The Hundred Years Ago Show, with Soviet invasions, Russian regents for Greece, and fake news from West Virginia. Plus homophobic imans, vulnerable strongmen, and your light-orchestral stress-reliever.

Click above to listen.

For that brave band who prefer Mark on video, he'll be back on the telly this Thanksgiving Eve. If you're minded to stick with non-visual formats, he'll be right here at SteynOnline with tonight's episode of Psmith, Journalist by P G Wodehouse this evening.

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