The "Leader" of the "Free" World

December 12, 2020

Audio Recording

So there will be no deus ex machina from a Supreme Court a third of which are Trump judges. Joe Biden will be inaugurated as president on January 20th - and "the leader of the free world" will be a man who is not from "the free world" in any meaningful sense. Speaking as someone who's been in permanent adjudication in America for a decade, I may say the legal motions - by some of the most highly paid lawyers on the planet (or at any rate their paralegals) - have been embarrassing, and all too easily dismissed. The Kraken wasn't all it was Krakened up to be, and was not written in a way that presented a coherent narrative (and please read the full motions before you disagree) designed to make a "sitting jusge" cease sitting and move in one direction or another. Re the Supremes, as a famous English case put it, you can't force the fat lady to sing - or even a svelte one such as Madam Justice Barrett.

With all that in mind, I am re-posting The Mark Steyn Show from just three days after the election - November 6th, a month and a lost republic ago. It was an all-Vote-2020 edition, save for an excerpt from an excellent book on America's corrupt cities published over a century ago. In other words, they've had a lot of practise to help them get this right:

'There were major developments overnight,' reported Byron York on Fox.

Yeah, it's funny the way all the major developments are overnight, isn't it?

You don't see that in Denmark or Slovenia. But that's Joe Biden at top right using his hands to illustrate the size of the "overnight development". The entire system's garbage. But, under the doctrine of laches, you can't wait until after the election to complain about electoral changes passed months (or in the case of the far-sighted Pennsylvania) a year before voting day. Where were the crackerjack lawyers Trump Tweeted about for months? In his Twitter feed, and enjoying a long lunch.

As I said a month ago, channeling Braveheart:

Men don't follow titles – even titles like Mr President – they follow courage. Seventy million Americans are about to become the victim of the greatest heist in the history of modern self-governing societies. And those seventy million Americans want justice.

Do they? The evidence from the behavior of those now seventy-four million Americans (or even the bulk of their "conservative" media) is, to put it mildly, uncertain. We haven't before re-posted any audio edition of our Mark Steyn Shows, but, if you missed it first time round, this is a solid summation of how we got from there to here.

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