No Land for Harpsichords

May 27, 2021

Audio Recording

Welcome to Thursday's edition of The Mark Steyn Show, which marks the George Floyd anniversary with massive storewide clearances on harpsichords. In Scotland the wankers want you wheesht, in Woketoria they're coming for the Great White Queen, and we take a wade through the waters of the Underground Railroad. There's also another edition of The Hundred Years Ago Show, a trouper from Down Under, and Mark's Mailbox.

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For more details of that Mark Steyn Cruise Mark mentioned, with the one and only Mr Snerdley, Conrad Black, Michele Bachmann and more, see here. If you're minded to join us, don't leave it too late: Accommodations are going fast, and thanks to Chairman Xi the ship will be at only sixty per cent capacity.

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