Wu Is Us

June 9, 2021

Audio Recording

If you missed Wednesday's live edition of The Mark Steyn Show, here's the action replay. Today's show was a Covid-double-mutation hybrid of the Steyn Show and our Clubland Q&A in which Mark answered questions live around the planet, punctuated by various regular features such as The Hundred Years Ago Show. So, on the one hand, it was gain-of-function and cancel culture, and, on the other, Babe Ruth in jail, George Harrison in your tent, and Justin Trudeau in the Royal Suite at the Fairmont.

You don't have to be a Mark Steyn Club member to listen to the show, so please click away and enjoy it. But we do thank Steyn Clubbers for, as always, some excellent questions, and we'll pick up a few of the ones we didn't get to in the days ahead.

That new audio edition of Steyn's Song of the Week, by the way, can be heard on Serenade Radio this Sunday at 5.30pm UK time - that's 12.30pm North American Eastern/9.30am Pacific.

For Steyn Club members interested in using their personal podcast players to listen to The Mark Steyn Show or Tales for Our Time, we have an RSS feed here (and instructions here).

If you prefer to read your radio shows, Steyn Club members can find the transcripts here.

If you're just catching on to these audio diversions, we've done what we did with Mark's video shows and archived them in a Netflix-style tile format that makes it easy to catch up with ones you've missed. You'll find the audio Steyn Show home page here.

The Mark Steyn Show and Tales for Our Time are special productions for The Mark Steyn Club. As Mark always says, Club membership isn't for everyone, but if you're interested you can find more information here. It also makes a splendid birthday gift for your loved one.