Bastille Day for Non-Stormers

July 14, 2021

Audio Recording

Programming note: Today Mark will be keeping his regular midweek date with Tucker on America's Number One cable show, live at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific. And he'll be back right here immediately afterwards for Part Four of his latest Tale for Our Time - Burning Daylight by Jack London.

Ahead of those, welcome to Wednesday's edition of The Mark Steyn Show, which starts with a pithy summation by J D Vance and the silence of Canadians as churches burn - and ends with a peaceful edition of The Hundred Years Ago Show and a little bit of semi-French song for Bastille Day. In between Steyn considers the right's bungled response to January 6th. Click above to listen.

As Mark mentioned, tomorrow, Thursday, he'll be conducting another Clubland Q&A live around the planet at 4pm North American Eastern. That's 8pm Greenwich Mean Time/9pm British Summer Time.

As to that radio edition of Steyn's Song of the Week, you can listen to it this Sunday from anywhere in the world on Serenade Radio right here. And, if you missed last Sunday's show, you can catch the rerun at Thursday 9pm UK time - that's 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific.

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