Over the River and Through the Woods...

November 25, 2021

Audio Recording

Happy Thanksgiving to our American listeners, and welcome to a special edition of The Mark Steyn Show. With the awful US media doing their best to memory-hole Waukesha, Mark begins with some thoughts on the dead and injured, adds a few personal memories on small-town Thanksgiving, and then retools some of his show's regular features for this most American of holidays. There's a brand new episode of The Hundred Years Ago Show, where the 1921 news - from inflation to myocarditis - sounds awfully 2021. And by popular demand Steyn reprises last year's Last Call special on the great American family descending from that first Thanksgiving in Massachusetts. Click above to listen.

If you fancy a break from Thanksgiving observances, do swing by the Thursday replay of Steyn's Song of the Week on Serenade Radio in the UK at 9pm GMT/4pm North American Eastern. You can listen to the show from anywhere on the planet right here.

Mark will be back this evening with the latest episode of his current Tale for Our Time - Agatha Christie's first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles. If you're one of that small brave band who prefer him in visual formats, he'll be here on Friday with the telly version of The Mark Steyn Show on GB News in the UK.

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