Truckin' Through Trudeaupia

January 28, 2022

Audio Recording

Programming note: Friday's edition of The Mark Steyn Show airs an hour earlier than during the rest of the week - live on GB News at 7pm GMT/2pm North American Eastern. US and Canadian viewers may find the midnight replay more convenient: that's 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific. And you can listen to it on radio - with no pictures of Mark or anything else - from anywhere in the world right here.

If you missed today's edition of our Clubland Q&A live around the planet, here's the action replay. Simply click above and settle back for just shy of ninety minutes of Mark's answers to questions from Steyn Club members across the globe on the heroic Canadian truckers, the US Supreme Court nomination, Europe's Russian calculations, and many other topics. There's also a brand new edition of The Hundred Years Ago Show - and Steyn plays Meat Loaf!

You don't have to be a Mark Steyn Club member to listen to the show, so please click away and enjoy it, if that's the word. But we do thank members for, as always, some excellent questions, and we'll pick up a few of the ones Mark didn't get to in the days ahead.

Thank you for all your kind comments about The Mark Steyn Club and such features as Steyn's Sunday Poem, Tales for Our Time and Clubland Q&A. All are special productions for the Steyn Club. If you're not yet a member but are minded to consider signing up, you can get more info here. It also makes a splendid gift for your loved one.