Would You Like Feds with That?

September 16, 2022

Audio Recording

Programming note: This weekend Mark will have another of his Sunday Poems - because, as he always says, video poetry is where the big bucks are.

If you missed today's edition of Mark's Clubland Q&A live around the planet, here's the action replay. The FBI's takedown of the My Pillow Guy in the drive-thru lane of Hardee's, the rapid expulsion of the "undocumented" from Martha's Vineyard, and the new King's agenda predominated, but there was room for other topics, too, and a musical tip of the hat to a brand new centenarian.

You don't have to be a Mark Steyn Club member to listen to the show, so please click away. But, as always, we thank Steyn Clubbers for raising some excellent points.

PS Mark was unaware, during the broadcast, that Hardee's has been having some sport with Mr Lindell's encounter with the dirty stinking rotten corrupt FBI and has been selling "Pillowy biscuits" and putting up signs saying "Now serving the My Pillow Guy to the FBI". Like the late-night host Seth Meyers, they seem to think it's "edgy" and "progressive" to cheer on one of the most powerful police forces on the planet in selective enforcement of the law.

PPS We get results! Almost as soon as Mark complained about Air France sending his bags to Mauritius, the airline emailed to report that they had now departed the island paradise and were heading in his general direction.