Happy Holidays!

October 10, 2022

Audio Recording

Happy Columbus Day to our American listeners, and Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian listeners. Alas, in the United Kingdom, it is no holiday at all, so Mark is hard at work prepping for tonight's regular edition of The Mark Steyn Show, live on GB News at 8pm British Summer Time - that's 3pm North American Eastern. You can watch from almost anywhere on the planet right here.

But, for those North Americans enjoying a long weekend, welcome to the annual broadcast of our hybrid Columbus/Thanksgiving edition of The Mark Steyn Show. We get all the gloomy stuff on Trudeaupian self-loathing and Columbian statue-toppling out of the way upfront, and then move on to a couple of poems for the day, a 101-Years-Ago edition of The Hundred Years Ago Show in which Al Jolson encounters Christopher Columbus, and an extended edition of Mark's Mailbox with contributions from Americans, Canadians and non-holidaying Danes. And we also have an American national anthem and a great song for Canadian Thanksgiving.

Click above to listen.

That audio edition of Steyn's Song of the Week that Mark mentioned can be heard on Serenade Radio from anywhere on the planet this Thursday at 9pm British Summer Time/4pm Eastern.

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