The Road from Oz

November 4, 2022

Audio Recording

If you enjoy our Q&A sessions, well, we also do them live at sea on the Mark Steyn Cruise - which, after getting clobbered by the Covid, is back in business. If you've got a headscratcher you'd like to pose to Mark and his special guests, we hope to see you on board.

But, if you missed today's episode live around the planet, here's the action replay. Mark took questions you'd expect, such as on various senate races in Tuesday's elections, and a few you wouldn't, such as one on the Quebec parliament's abolition of its upper chamber. He also found time to tut-tut.

You don't have to be a Mark Steyn Club member to listen to the show, so please click away. But, as always, we thank Steyn Clubbers for many excellent questions.

~Mark will return tomorrow with our weekly sense of perspective in The Hundred Years Ago Show and another stroll through the archives for our twentieth birthday, and he'll also be here on Sunday with a special edition of The Mark Steyn Show.