Over the River, Through the Years

November 24, 2022

Audio Recording

Happy Thanksgiving to our American listeners. I am far from home this Thanksgiving, which makes me sad, and even more nostalgic for the most American of holidays. On the other hand, I just ran into, as one does, John Hinderaker of Powerline and, if an authentic all-American like John can bear it, so can I.

If you need a break from the turkey and the pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving, I hope you'll take a listen to this special edition of The Mark Steyn Show, first broadcast last year. With the awful US media doing their best to memory-hole Waukesha, I began with some thoughts on the dead and injured. There are more mass shootings in America on the eve of this holiday, and thus yet again empty seats at the Thanksgiving table.

After that, I share a few personal memories on small-town Thanksgiving, and then retool some of our show's regular features for the season. There's a 101-years-ago episode of The Hundred Years Ago Show, where the 1921 news - from inflation to myocarditis - sounds awfully 2022. And by popular demand I've reprised our Last Call special on the great American family descending from that first Thanksgiving in Massachusetts. Click above to listen.

Twenty years ago, on Thanksgiving Day 2002, we quietly launched SteynOnline. I am thrilled to be here two decades later, even as so much of the wonderful Internet free-for-all of the early Oughts has been replaced by the grisly one-size-fits-all "social media". If you fancy a stroll through the twenty-first century so far as we saw it at SteynOnline, you'll find twenty archival highlights here.

If that's not enough and you fancy a serious break from US Thanksgiving festivities, well, the holiday is not observed in the UK. So I'll be on air as usual with the telly version of The Mark Steyn Show, live at 8pm GMT - that's 3pm North American Eastern/midday Pacific. Or, if you prefer to be undiscombobulated by current events on this holiday, do swing by the Thursday replay of Steyn's Song of the Week on Serenade Radio at 9pm GMT/4pm Eastern. You can listen to the show from anywhere on the planet right here.

Our Thanksgiving show is a special production for The Mark Steyn Club. If you prefer to read your radio shows, Steyn Club members can find the transcripts here. For those members interested in using their personal podcast players to listen to our Mark Steyn Shows or Tales for our Time, we have an RSS feed here (and instructions here).