The Swallows Skim, and All Is Hushed

May 29, 2023

Audio Recording

Happy Memorial Day to all our American listeners. This special edition of The Mark Steyn Show was first broadcast three years ago, in what proved to be in the US the dividing line between a locked-down spring and a summer of looting. Many listeners loved the show, and we are re-airing it by popular request. In lieu of parades and other public observances, Mark has retooled his regular features, including our poem, song, Last Call and his Hundred Years Ago Show, to cover many aspects of battle, sacrifice and remembrance through the years, from the Civil War to the Great War to the awful unwon wars of our own time.

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~This Monday is also a holiday in the UK, but nevertheless Mark will be on air as usual for today's TV edition of The Mark Steyn Show, live at 8pm British Summer Time/3pm North American Eastern. Our Antipodean viewers may prefer to watch at 5pm Aussie Eastern on ADH TV.