Enemies of the Citizens

August 11, 2023

Audio Recording

Thank you very much to everyone who joined us live earlier for the Clubland Q&A, guest hosted by our very own in-house Jewish mother, Laura Rosen Cohen.

Laura took questions on Ukraine, the eunuch media's omerta on all the important things, how to try to stay centered and positive when times are tough, sundry demographic doom and gloom and the heartbreaking decline of America. She also spoke about the perils of America's myriad three-letter "law enforcement" agencies. If you missed the live stream, click above to listen to the whole show.

Mark continues to recover and gain his strength back to get ready for a battle he never wanted. Rest assured, he is in it to win it. To support Steyn's important free speech lawsuit against Ofcom's enforcement of the discredited Covid propaganda, please consider one of the following:

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Join us tomorrow for a brand new movie review from Rick McGinnis and on Sunday for Steyn's Song of the Week.