The Day After Labor

September 4, 2023

Audio Recording

Happy Labor Day/Happy Labour Day to our American and Canadian listeners respectively. Welcome to our annual holiday edition of The Mark Steyn Show, in which Mark has retooled some of our regular features especially for the season. There's some thoughts on work and purpose by figures from Elizabeth Barrett Browning to the father of America's Labor Day P J McGuire ...and of course Mark himself on the fast approaching world without work. There's also an installment of The Hundred (and One) Years Ago Show with a snapshot of the Labor Day holiday of 1922.

And, if you're a little sad, as we all are, about the upcoming final episode of Steyn's Song of the Week on Serenade Radio this weekend, we have a bonus audio version of yesterday's song for the season by Merle Travis.

Click above to listen.

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