The Pop Star as Dictatorial Suck-Up

Programming note: In America, Thanksgiving is upon us, but, like any other turkey, Mark will be squawking up to the end. Tomorrow, Wednesday, he'll start the day right here with another Clubland Q&A live around the planet at 11am Eastern/4pm GMT. Later he'll check in with his old Rush chum James ("Snerdley") Golden live on New York's WABC at 4pm Eastern.

Today Steyn joined Colin Brazier on GB News to discuss the wretched state of popular culture - boycotting North Carolina over transgender bathrooms but kissing up to thug regimes around the planet. Mark started with his fellow Canadian teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber, happy to kiss up to the House of Saud in return for a few million bucks. As he noted at the start, Justin has form when it comes to world affairs.

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