Shattering the Glass Ceiling

Programming note: Next week The Mark Steyn Show will air every weeknight on GB News, starting on Monday at 8pm GMT - that's 3pm North American Eastern.

On the New Year edition Mark led off with some thoughts on ...well, not the last twelve months but selected years from the last half-millennium, and their lessons for our own time - including with regard to China, now experimenting with "brain control" technology. Then Sally Leivesley joined Steyn to discuss the dozens of convicted terrorists about to be sprung from Her Majesty's Prisons.

Also on hand was Conrad Black, to discuss the conviction of Ghislaine Maxwell in a disgusting pseudo-justice system he knows too well. And Mark ended the show with Zuby, the rapper who deadlifted 525 pounds and declared himself the ladies' weightlifting champion because he had self-identified as a woman for the duration of the lift.

All that plus your emails and a New Year edition of Know Your Ensigns. Click below to view the full show:

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