The Shame of a Nation

Tuesday's Mark Steyn Show started with a new report from the so-called "Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse" that confirmed what Mark learned from the girls he met in Rotherham six years ago - that nothing has changed and "grooming gangs" have the run of the land.

Former Greater Manchester Police officer Maggie Oliver left the force because of their treatment of the victims. It was a blunt and truthful segment, so naturally it has been briefly up and then taken down under the control-freaks at YouTube. We will post it here separately, in case it disappears again, but for the moment the tinpot Googleiters will permit you to watch below.

There were more uncomfortable truths after the break, when Mark and Anne-√Člisabeth Moutet pondered the curious fact that French presidential candidates are free to discuss another subject that you can't talk about on anglo TV: "Le Grand Remplacement" - the Great Replacement. To close out the show, Steyn's old boss Conrad Black joined him to mull what Lord Black calls the "Gilbert & Sullivan warmongering" over Ukraine.

All that plus your comments and questions. Click below to view (almost) the full show:

Thanks, as always, to all who tuned in. I have a feeling the show will not be long for this world: We live in a blizzard of lies enforced by technocrats with unbounded power.

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