Copper Bottom

Wednesday's Mark Steyn Show began with a follow-up to yesterday's news of proliferating "grooming gangs" and Mark's monologue on the pitiful state of the British police. Douglas Murray returned to the show to expand on the point.

Next came Arlene Foster on the breaking news of the hour: The announcement from Northern Ireland's Agriculture Minister that, effective from midnight, he was dispensing with the Irish Sea "border checks" mandated by the Northern Ireland Protocol. We shall see now if Boris Johnson has the stomach for a fight with Brussels.

We closed out the show with Rahima Mahmut of the Uyghur Congress as the world prepares to watch Chairman Xi's Olympics and avert its gaze from what lies beyond the stadium.

All that plus your comments and questions along the way. Click below to view the full show (it's an hour long, but the bloke forgot to turn off the livestream so there's a couple of hours of Dan Wootton tacked on at the end):

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