Holding the Line ...and Crossing It

Programming note: Rush Limbaugh died one year ago - February 17th 2021. On Thursday the EIB network will be airing an anniversary tribute to Rush with contributions from Rush's widow Kathryn, Rush's brother David Limbaugh, Snerdley of course ...and also with a few words from yours truly. We hope you'll tune in.

Among the guests on Wednesday's Mark Steyn Show was Jacob Wells, whose GiveSendGo began collecting donations for the Canadian truckers after GoFundMe decided to steal the money. As you know, GiveSendGo got hacked, and the names of donors were passed on to Justin's court eunuchs at the CBC and elsewhere. When I asked Mr Wells if he'd identified the hacker, he responded that it was a person with connections to Canadian intelligence agencies.

On the leaked list of donors, I saw two hundred names I knew and then stopped counting: friends, readers, viewers, listeners... It's five years since I first posited my "last photocopier in the woods" scenario, but the schedule is being accelerated: I thought Justin Trudeau was Al Jolson, but it seems he's Idi Amin.

Also on the show: Despite Joe Biden's urgings, yet again Vladimir Putin declined to invade Ukraine. Parm Sandu gave her view on what the next Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police needs to do, and an old comrade from BBC days, Nigel Rees, swung by to ponder a world without quotes..

Click below to view the full hour:

As to that Noël Coward song the BBC didn't want Nigel quoting, enjoy:

In the course of our conversation, I referenced some Sixties pop song I'd failed to recognize, and from the depths of his memory Nigel produced her name - "Shirley Ellis":

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