The Free World in Eclipse

Programming note: On Friday Mark will be conducting another edition of our Clubland Q&A taking questions from Steyn Club members live around the planet at 5pm North American Eastern/10pm Greenwich Mean Time.

If you missed today's first-anniversary tributes to Rush - from Mark, Kathryn Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others - you can hear them here. There's more from Steyn on Rush's passing here.

Thursday's Mark Steyn Show featured a trio of forceful guests on big issues affecting the US, Britain, Canada and beyond: Maxime Bernier on the end of democracy; Baroness Hoey on the end of the Union; and Peter Hitchens on the end of America. Unusually, Hitchens was more optimistic than Steyn on where precisely we were in the timeline of superpower decline.

UPDATE: The totalitarian mammy-singer has now begun arresting the organizers of the trucker convoy. Canada is now a land of internal police checkpoints and a capital city that, like Mecca, is open only to true believers:

You can expect to see police checkpoints where you will be asked your reason for travelling within the Secured Area.

You will be required to show proof of exemption for your travel to the Secured Area.

All that plus your comments and questions live as they happen. Click below to view the full show:

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