Sanctioning Ourselves

On Wednesday's Mark Steyn Show we started with Ukraine for dummies, which seems to be the only Ukraine on offer. Then Anne-√Člisabeth Moutet checked in with the view from the Continent. Next up was "Digital ID", because who doesn't want to make it easier for the state to track every aspect of your life? Tom Marazzo of the Freedom Convoy swung by to explain what it's like when you can't buy medicine for your kid because Trudeau's frozen your bank accounts,

The Queen's former press secretary, Dickie Arbiter, joined Mark to discuss why outcast princes Andrew and Harry retain their potentially all-powerful positions as Counsellors of State. And we closed things out with Peter Schiff on how the tougher sanctions get on Russia the more you're going to be the one paying for it.

All that plus your comments and questions along the way. Click below to view the full hour:

As the show ended, Justin Trudeau announced that he's ending his non-emergency emergency - presumably because there was some doubt as to its fate in the Senate. We'll be discussing that on Thursday's edition of The Mark Steyn Show, which starts on GB News live at 8pm GMT/3pm Eastern, and is followed immediately by the Thursday replay of Steyn's Song of the Week, which airs on Serenade Radio at 9pm GMT/4pm Eastern.

We hope to see you for one or other of the above. Also on Thursday we will have our weekly edition of Laura's Links.

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