Looking for the Off-Ramp

Programming note: Tomorrow we'll be presenting another Clubland Q&A with questions from Steyn Club members live around the planet at 5pm North American Eastern/10pm Greenwich Mean Time.

On Thursday's Mark Steyn Show Mark covered the bigger aspects of the new war: Natalie Winters joined him to discuss the lavishly funded bioterror labs the US has built in Ukraine, and the various Russian/American/Chinese/British warnings about an impending chemical attack.

Next up was Harry Kazianis gaming out scenarios for if (when) this war goes nuclear. And, if nukes and biowarfare are too apocalyptic for your tastes, we could just die broke and shivering: Thane Gustafson looked at the oil and gas embargo and where it leads.

All that plus your comments and questions live as they happen. Click below to view the full show:

UPDATE! Further to the above, Dr Tedros and his chums are back:

The World Health Organization (WHO) advised Ukraine to destroy any dangerous pathogens being kept in research laboratories to prevent "any potential spills" that could harm the public, an official told Reuters news agency on Thursday.

Like other countries, Ukraine has public health laboratories that study dangerous diseases in humans and animals, including Covid-19. Some of these labs have received support from the US, EU and WHO in the past.

All perfectly routine then. Move along.

UPPERDATE! Further to Harry Kazianis' observation about wars expanding through accidents, a "Russian-made" "military drone the size of an aircraft" crashed in the Croatian capital of Zagreb last night. Croatia is a Nato member.

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