Week Four Begins

Programming note: Tomorrow we'll be presenting another Clubland Q&A with questions from Steyn Club members live around the planet at 5pm North American Eastern/9pm Greenwich Mean Time.

Thursday's Mark Steyn Show found Mark continuing his travels in Ukraine - and, as he explained in his intro (not included for some annoying reason below), for the first time ever wearing a Ukrainian shirt: "It's stylish but scratchy." Steyn shares his thoughts on how the war is going - badly for the Russians, who have lost a quarter of their major-generals and an estimated five per cent of their men: Putin's glamour depends on him being perceived as a winner, and right now he's not.

Ukrainian MP Inna Sovsun, refugee organizer Joel Shepherd Brown and Princeton University's Harold James joined Steyn to chew over various aspects of the war, including whether China's the real winner either way. And throughout the show you'll meet various of the Ukrainians Mark spent time with today.

All that plus your comments and questions live as they happen. Click below to view the full show minus the intro:

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