Starkey on Slavery

Programming note: Tomorrow, Friday, Mark will be presenting another Clubland Q&A taking questions from Steyn Club members live around the planet. However, listeners in the US, Canada and British West Indies should please note the special time, due to North America's premature springing into summer: 6pm Eastern - that's 10pm Greenwich Mean Time.

On Thursday's Mark Steyn Show we marked the start of the war's second month by bringing back the two men with whom Mark discussed the first night - Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley and historian David Starkey. General Riley gave his assessment of how it's going, including some mordant observations on all those generals getting killed at the front.

Dr Starkey returned to assess the British historical record in the wake of TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's tour of the perhaps not-so-British West Indies, and Jamaican politicians' demands for slavery reparations.

Mark closed out the hour with Gordon Chang on China's interests in both the war and a potentially post-British Caribbean.

All that plus your comments and questions live as they happen. Click below to view the full show:

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