Cake News

Tuesday's Mark Steyn Show started with the headline of the hour in the UK: Boris Johnson's return from Kiev to find himself face down in the Covid cake. Parm Sandhu, former Chief Superintendent at Scotland Yard, and Toby Young, founder of The Daily Sceptic, mulled various aspects of Johnson's and Britain's plight.

Next up was Natalie Winters "following the science" - or, at any rate, yet more respected scientists - even deeper into the sewer of lies surrounding the origin of the WuFlu.

And we rounded out the hour with Leilani Dowding, who unlike various politicians, judges and civil servants knows what a woman is.

All that plus your comments and questions. Click below to view the full show:

As mentioned last week, Mark is now the subject of a complaint to UK regulators. So make the most of The Mark Steyn Show while you can!

On the other hand, if you prefer Steyn in non-visual formats, he'll be back this evening with the latest episode of his current Tale for Our Time: Anthony Trollope's only venture into dystopian fiction, The Fixed Period.

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