The Kigali Solution

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On the Maundy Thursday edition of The Mark Steyn Show we started with Boris Johnson's ingenious wheeze to solve the problems of illegal migrants washing up on England's southern shore. Henceforth, they will now be flown to Rwanda for "processing". If the process establishes that their claim to refugee status is sound, they will then be given permanent residency Rwanda.

Which, for American viewers, is geographically analogous to the chaps crossing the Rio Grande discovering they're now eligible for resettlement in North Korea.

Maggie Mutesi joined Mark from Kigali to look at it from the Rwandan perspective.

Next up was Ann McElhinney, no stranger to the Steyn Show, with a blistering take on media dishonesty over a serial killer beheading gay men in Sligo. Jonathon Riley looked at Sweden and Finland's sudden desire to join Nato, and we rounded out the hour with Eva Vlaardingerbroek on God and globalism.

All that plus your comments and questions live as they happen. Click below to view the full show:

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