Here Today, Gone...

On Wednesday's Mark Steyn Show Mark returned to one of his favorite subjects - demography - and a riveting new book on the topic: Tomorrow's People: The Future of Humanity in Ten Numbers by Paul Morland. The book is very calm and even, but the numbers are arresting and merit your attention.

Before that, as you'll see, the show was the usual Wednesday GBN crew fiasco. As many viewers have noticed, it's always Wednesday. But GBN management haven't noticed, or at least not to the point of wanting to fix it. So, from the inaudibility of the show's opening to their inability to connect to Peter Hitchens, it's pathetic and unprofessional. Happily, Alexandra Marshall was on hand to pinch-hit by way of China's moves in the Pacific.

All that plus a couple of comments and questions along the way.

(Our apologies to Mr Hitchens, who shouldn't have had to put up with the bleepwits at GBN "Master Control".)

Click below to watch:

Steyn will return in a few hours with Episode Eighteen of his latest Tale for Our Time: Anthony Trollope's one and only venture into dystopian fiction, The Fixed Period.

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