Return of the Leech

On Wednesday's Mark Steyn Show Mark began with Tony Blair's insistence that 70 per cent of young people should go to university. Peter Hitchens joined him to discuss - and to put in a word for Julian Assange, for whom the UK Home Secretary is all that stands between him and certain death in the dirty stinking rotten corrupt US "justice" system.

Next up was Laura Perrins on whether the media are just gaslighting us on trans rights, immigration and any number of other issues. Tony Hinton followed with news of the latest efforts to enforce the official narrative on Covid. And we rounded out the show with Alexandra Marshall from Down Under on re-learning the lessons of war.

Click below to watch:

Steyn will return in a few hours with Episode Twenty-Five of his latest Tale for Our Time: Anthony Trollope's one and only venture into dystopian fiction, The Fixed Period.

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