The Bafflement of Doctors

Thank you to all who dial up The Mark Steyn Show on GB News every night. We're building quite a following, and on Tuesday decisively beat Piers Morgan, for whom Rupert Murdoch foolishly bought every 'bus side in the British Isles and half the railway carriages, too.

On Wednesday's Steyn Show Mark began with the puzzler of the moment:

Doctors baffled by Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) in healthy young people


Eva Vlaardingerbroek joined Steyn to discuss, after which statistician Jamie Jenkins looked at cancer numbers post-Covid. Kate Hoey returned to the show to consider a rather too obvious "mistake" in the BBC's Platinum Jubilee coverage, and we closed things out with Alexandra Marshall on Chinese air aces' increasingly provocative buzzing of anglosphere air forces.

All that, plus your comments and questions live as we go along. Click below to watch:

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