A Sham of a State

Thank you to all who dial up The Mark Steyn Show on GB News every night. We're building quite a following, and on Tuesday decisively beat Sky News and Piers Morgan. By the end of the hour, John O'Sullivan's sober analysis of Mrs Thatcher and the Falklands had three times the audience of Piers obsessing on Amber Heard or whatever it was. I wouldn't normally mention such things but Mr Morgan came on air giving interviews in which he asserted he would flatline GB News. He hasn't.

On Wednesday's Steyn Show I began with the European Court decision preventing the deportation of UK "asylum-seekers" to Rwanda. Neil Oliver joined me to give his take on the age of sham democracy.

Next up was Kevin Hollinrake on the English village about to be obliterated by 1,500 young male "refugees". There was breaking news about Fauci falling victim to some new variant, followed by Natalie Winters' on the WHO's plan to make the monkeypox even scarier. And we closed things out with Jamie Jenkins on who's really making the windfall petrol profits.

All that, plus your comments and questions live as we go along. Click below to watch:

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