The Contempt of Our Rulers: A Case Study

Programming note: On Friday Mark will be hosting another edition of our Clubland Q&A live around the planet. The show starts at 5pm North American Eastern/9pm GMT/10pm British Summer Time.

Thanks again for dialing up The Mark Steyn Show on GB News every night. The show continues to build, and on Wednesday, as on Monday and Tuesday, decisively beat the much ballyhooed Piers Morgan in the ratings.

On Thursday's Steyn Show we started with a pathetic low even by the standards of public life in the Covid era: Scottish parliamentarian John Mason thinks vaccine victims are a non-stop laugh riot. Kelly Hatfield and Joe Ward, who both lost their fathers to AstraZeneca joined Mark to discuss. We also covered solicitor Stephen Atherton's difficulties in even mentioning the subject under the ever more shrunken bounds of free speech in Covidstan, and Fauci's very revealing answer to Rand Paul on whether US public health officials are on the take.

Also on the show were Leilani Dowding on the entirely predictable economic apocalypse we now face, and Alexandra Marshall on first-world societies turning the lights out.

All that plus your comments live as it happens. Click below to view the full hour:

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