A Bifurcated World

Programming note: On Tuesday Mark will be back with his old EIB comrade Bo Snerdley (aka James Golden) on New York's radio powerhouse 77 WABC live at 4pm Eastern. That's immediately after The Mark Steyn Show live on GB News, at 8pm BST/3pm North American Eastern.

Monday's Steyn Show started with some thoughts on the strange bifurcation in once free societies. We did, though, have some good news to report, and vaccine widow Vikki Spit joined Mark to report on that. But with good news comes bad news, and paediatrician Ros Jones accessed the next demographic to be targeted by the biosecurity state: six-month-old babies.

The migrant tide on both sides of the Atlantic is now being facilitated by the governments who claim to oppose it. Olga Matthias checked in with an update on where they wash up. It's not so cosy if you happen to be an actual subject of the Crown: The UK Home Secretary has just agreed to extradite Julian Assange into the clutches of the dirty stinking rotten corrupt US "justice" system. Gabriel Shipton, Assange's brother, assessed the situation

And we rounded out the hour with Eva Vlaardingerbroek.

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