Media Groupthink, from Infection to Infanticide

Programming note: On Friday Mark will be hosting another edition of our Clubland Q&A live around the planet. The show starts at 5pm North American Eastern/9pm GMT/10pm British Summer Time.

Thanks again for dialing up The Mark Steyn Show on GB News every night. The show continues to build, and on Wednesday decisively beat in the ratings the majorly ballyhooed Piers Morgan in the ratings.

The theme of Thursday's Steyn Show was the dishonest or non-existent coverage of so many topics, from "grooming gangs" to vaccine injuries, Covid mandates to abortion. Leilani Dowding discussed free speech on the Internet, and Naomi Wolf analysed the widening abyss between the official propaganda and the vaccine reality.

Also on the show were Andrew Lawton on his new book The Freedom Convoy, and Ann McElhinney on her new true crime podcast.

All that plus your comments live as it happens. Click below to view the full hour:

~If you've missed a Mark Steyn Show in recent weeks or recent years, you can find all our shows from the year to date and many highlights from the archives in a handy Netflix-style tile format here. Make the most of them while you can because, as Mark's mentioned, he's now under investigation from Ofcom. And, as he has also mentioned, you're not meant to disclose publicly that you're under investigation from Ofcom...

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