Jab That Baby!

Programming note: On Tuesday Mark will be back with his old EIB comrade Bo Snerdley (aka James Golden) on New York's radio powerhouse 77 WABC live at 4pm Eastern. That's immediately after The Mark Steyn Show live on GB News, at 8pm BST/3pm North American Eastern.

Monday's Steyn Show started with some thoughts from Mark on the season of summits - as Johnson and Trudeau fly from the Commonwealth Conference to the G7 - and the strange desire of world leaders to weigh in on Roe vs Wade.

Steyn's first guest was Olga Matthias on the unceasing migrant tide now getting better health care than many Britons. Next up was Eva Vlaardingerbroek on gays and Muslims, and other internal contradictions of the multiculti utopia. Dr Clare Craig joined Mark to discuss the "science" behind the mass jabbing of six-month-olds. And we rounded out the hour with Toby Young on the grim state of free speech.

All that, plus your comments and questions in real time - and a bit more good news for one of our vaccine victims. Click below to watch (for some reason the first minute of the show is missing, but we think you'll pick up what's going on):

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