Victims of the Vaccine

Thank you to all who dialed up The Mark Steyn Show on Ulster's Glorious Twelfth. Despite the usual technical "glitches", Mark yet again thrashed Piers Morgan in the Tuesday ratings, despite all the bus sides that generous Mr Murdoch has bought his star signing.

Wednesday's Steyn Show was a special edition devoted to a topic Mark has focused on particularly in the last six months - the devastating damage done around the world to millions of hitherto healthy persons by the Covid "vaccines". Before an audience of those injured and bereaved by Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, Steyn covered various aspects of a great injustice to entirely blameless citizens. His guests included the very first widows of the vaccine he had on his show some months back, Vikki Spit and Charlotte Wright, and the only MP interested in doing anything about the issue, Sir Christopher Chope. Click here to watch:

Mark Steyn Club members can read the transcript of this episode here.

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