A Low-Grade Ministry of Truth

Thank you very much to those who dial up The Mark Steyn Show on GB News every evening. The dead cat bounce of Rupert Murdoch's TalkTV relaunch continues: on Tuesday we expanded our lead over Piers Morgan Uncensored, drawing three-and-a-half times the audience of Rupert's lavishly funded Fifty Million Pound Man.

Piers is now trying to rewrite his long history as lockdown lickspittle and advocate of punitive measures against the unvaccinated. As Steyn Show stalwart Alexandra Marshall observes, it's unlikely to work.

On the other hand, following the launch of their first investigation six months ago, OffComm are back for more:

We have opened an investigation into GB News' Mark Steyn programme aired on 4 October 2022 at 20:00.

You can read more about the "investigation" here.

The way it works in British media is that, when OffComm launch their investigation, you're supposed to clam up until they're done. The Steyn Show didn't do that with the subject of the first investigation in April - the Covid vaccines and the damage done by the OffComm-mandated official fairy tale - so they've decided to bring a second complaint lasting a year or so. The process is the punishment, etc. But we're not going to cease covering the biggest public scandal of our time, and one for which OffComm, at the local level, is partly responsible.

Wednesday's Steyn Show started with breaking news of OffComm's investigation, after which Jasmine Birtles addressed the parlous state of the economy, and whether there's anything holding it up.

Next up were Dr Aseem Malhotra and Jamie Jenkins to fact-check the "fact-checkers". We closed out the hour with Alexandra Marshall and Andrew Lawton on the strange new world of woke banking.

All that plus your comments and questions in real time along the way. Click below to watch the full show:

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