A Globalist Coup

Thank you very much to those who dial up The Mark Steyn Show on GB News every evening. We had a terrific night on Tuesday, beating the BBC, Sky and the rotting corpse of Rupert Murdoch's TalkTV. The dead cat bounce of Rupert's primetime relaunch continues: this week he is broadcasting Piers Morgan Uncensored from the Big Apple with big star names like, er, Mike Tyson - which on Tuesday night earned him an audience a third of Steyn's (and by the end of the hour a mere seventh). As George Galloway amusingly tweets:

#PiersMorgan has gone from Good Morning Britain to 'Good evening no-one'... Catch a Falling Star and put it in your pocket...

Rupert Murdoch is diminishing his legacy with TalkTV. Sad.

Wednesday's Steyn Show was devoted to yet another day of madness from a once great political party. Baroness Foster, Kathy Gyngell and Harvey Proctor considered various aspects of the crisis - while Jamie Jenkins looked at the IMF's intervention and wondered whether democracy, elections and the like are even relevant any more.

We closed out the hour with Alexandra Marshall and the news that the same gain-of-function crazies who brought us the Wuhan virus have now relocated to Boston.

All that plus your comments and questions in real time along the way. Click below to watch the full show:

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