Meeting Your Rapist at the Supermarket

The Mark Steyn Cruise is back - and with no vax/test requirements whatsoever. If you'd like to see the Eastern Med in the company of Steyn Show regulars Alexandra Marshall and Eva Vlaardingerbroek and more occasional guests such as Michele Bachmann, John O'Sullivan and James (Snerdley) Golden, we hope you'll consider cruising our way.

~Thank you all for dialing up The Mark Steyn Show every evening. On Monday night we trounced Sky News and TalkTV's dying Piers Morgan show combined - and by the end of the hour were even beating the Beeb. I have always had a professional regard for Rupert Murdoch, so I am baffled by his insane folly in lavishing 110 million quid on a dud like Piers and then buying him every 'bus shelter hoarding in London and every railway carriage in Britain just to blow through even more millions. Having been dismissed by The Guardian as a mere "niche Canadian", I am very grateful to all who tuned in.

Tuesday's Steyn Show started with Mark revisiting some basic points from his bestselling demographic thesis. His first guests, Toby Young and Jamie Jenkins, dealt with different aspects of the migrant invasion of England. Next up was Maggie Oliver with a blistering critique of Britain's failure to protect its most vulnerable girls from Pakistani rape-gangs.

We closed out the hour with Baroness Hoey on the European Union's bad-faith "protocol" in Ireland.

All that plus your comments and questions along the way. Click below to view the full hour:

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