Cover Up

Programming note: Mark will be on the radio immediately after today's Steyn Show with the Thursday replay of his Serenade Radio Song of the Week. That's at 9pm Greenwich Mean Time - which, for this week only, is 5pm North American Eastern/2pm Pacific. You can listen from anywhere on the planet right here.

~Mark is still recuperating from his heart attacks and having to build up his strength to get back to full output. Having done three great shows with some of his most popular guests this week, he's retreating back to his iron lung for a long weekend. However, he will be here on Friday in audio only for another Clubland Q&A taking questions live around the planet at 4pm North American Eastern/8pm GMT.

So we have something special to round out the week, something that in the present censorship climate could not be seen on GB News or any other UK TV channel: Mark is pleased to welcome his courageous compatriot Yasmine Mohammed back to our show for an in-depth interview about Islam and women - and her own experiences on the hard face of her former faith as recounted in her book Unveiled.

As you know, thanks to Yasmine, Samantha Smith, Maggie Oliver, Sammy Woodhouse and other guests, the sacrifice of thousands upon thousands of English girls on the altar of "multiculturalism" has been one of the recurring themes of the Steyn Show, and one which Mark will continue to feature. Yasmine is one of the most outspoken women on this subject, which is why, whenever she was on with Steyn at GB News, we were always threatened afterwards with Ofcom complaints.

To watch the show, simply click above.

~If you enjoy these Steyn specials, we'll be doing them live on the Mark Steyn Cruise with many of your favourite guests.

~We thank those of you eager to support Steyn in taking the UK state censor Ofcom to the English High Court. Mark understands the enthusiasm for "crowdfunding", but, after Justin leaned on Canadian banks to freeze the accounts of small donors, he is very wary of this route, and wouldn't wish what happened to blameless law-abiding Canucks on anybody. He'll have more to say about this tomorrow, but, as we've said, there are many ways to support this case - by buying a loved one a Steyn Club gift membership, or a SteynOnline gift certificate, or even Mark's brand new book.

GB News will not be appealing, and, post-Steyn, the channel continues its decline. On Tuesday night, The Lord President of the Privy Council Hour with Jacob Rees-Mogadon could command no more than 38,000 viewers - or about half of this promotional Tweet for Mark's Ofcom suit:

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