They're Lying to You

Thank you very much to those who dial up The Mark Steyn Show on GB News every evening. If you enjoy the Steyn Show on dry land, wait till you experience it at sea, as part of our first post-Covid Mark Steyn Cruise. Steyn favourites from around the world will be joining Mark aboard - among them Alexandra Marshall (from Wednesday's show), Eva Vlaardingerbroek, John O'Sullivan, James ("Snerdley") Golden, Michele Bachmann, Andrew Lawton and Tal Bachman. You can find more details here.

While the west's leaders are preening at COP-27 in Sharm el-Sheikhdown, the real crisis is happening in their own backyards. On Wednesday's Steyn Show, Mark's cameras went to the brand new Atrium Hotel at Heathrow, where some four thousand "asylum-seekers", including wealthy Iraqis, are being housed at public expense. That's well over twice as many as are supposed (per government regulations) to be in the entire borough - a situation that is undoubtedly the same across every English county and district. As Mark put it, the Government is surrendering the nation hotel by hotel.

Kelvin MacKenzie and Patrick O'Flynn joined him to discuss. Up next was Alexandra Marshall on the politics of climate, followed by Jamie Jenkins with more on the all but unreported "excess deaths" across the western world.

All that plus your comments and questions in real time along the way. Click below to watch the full show:

Ratings-wise, we had a strong night on Tuesday, beating both Sky and Rupert Murdoch's floppo flagship Piers Morgan Uncensored, and even besting the BBC by a Nevada-election-sized whisker of 300 viewers. We are grateful to every single one of them.

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