Nothing and No One Left to Betray

ImageIf you enjoy the Steyn Show on dry land, wait till you experience it at sea, as part of our first post-Covid Mark Steyn Cruise. Steyn favourites from around the world will be joining Mark aboard - among them Eva Vlaardingerbroek, Alexandra Marshall, John O'Sullivan, James ("Snerdley") Golden, Michele Bachmann, Andrew Lawton and Tal Bachman - and with no vax/test requirements whatsoever. You can find more details here.

Tuesday's Steyn Show was devoted to the general ghastliness of the UK's pseudo-Conservative Party, and whether, with Canadian Tory-scale humiliation looming, there was now an opportunity for political realignment. William Clouston and Ben Habib spoke to that, and Lois Perry and Dominique Samuels addressed the creepy globalist uniformity behind almost all western governments these days. (US Republicans and others will hear echoes of their own dilemmas in the show, and indeed pre-echoes.)

All that plus your comments and questions along the way. Click below to view the full hour:

Thank you all for dialing up The Mark Steyn Show every evening. On Monday night, despite Welsh footie fans abandoning us for the World Homophobe Cup in Qatar, the Niche Canadian still trounced Rupert Murdoch's flailing flagship Piers Morgan Uncensored by three-and-a-half to one, expanding to six-to-one by the end. More importantly, across the hour, we also beat the Beeb. We are grateful to all who tune in, and hope you'll continue to do so.

By the way, the Steyn Show is now doing so well with advertisers that we've had to add an extra commercial break.

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