Last Laughs and Last Legs

The "niche Canadian" (thank you, The Guardian) returns! Welcome to another of Mark's post-cardiac Steyn Shows - with all due thanks to Audrey, the French nurse who saved his life. If you don't want to watch it on your telephone, you can watch it on your Smart TV with the whole family agog.

On today's show Steyn welcomes back three of his most popular guests - Leilani Dowding, Alexandra Marshall and Dominique Samuels - for a look at big-picture topics (saving the planet) and smaller ones (jokes). They also find time to consider political corruption and one-legged seagulls.

All that plus a bonus edition of Mark's Mailbox. Click above to view the full show.

~If you'd like to know more about Alexandra, Dominique or Leilani, we've introduced a new Contributors page. If you'd like to meet them in person, you're welcome to join us on our first post-Covid Mark Steyn Cruise. You can find more details here.

There has been a lot of chatter on Twitter about how no one at GB News is standing with Mark. Well, our top-rated guests certainly are, and we are very grateful to them.

Meanwhile, the post-Steyn GB News had another godawful night yesterday, sinking like a stone through what it now calls "The Eight O'Clock Slot" and losing to the Sky and Piers by three-to-one and to the Beeb by six-to-one. The actions of CEO Angelos Floppadopoulos have not just hurt 8pm but gave Farage a dreadful night, too.

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~Thank you for all your kind comments about yesterday's show. Chris Davies writes from London:

GB News have done you a favour, Mark. Freed of BuggerOfcom (credit: Alexandra Marshall), you now have unique alchemy.

Where else can one watch the finest geopolitical debate with Eva, get a question read out in the Q&A, hear your thoughts on James Bond music and totty, all culminating in the musical prioritisation of felines over fellas?

Indeed, Chris. We hope you like today's show.

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