Suffer the Little Children...

The "niche Canadian" (thank you, The Guardian) returns with another post-cardiac edition of The Mark Steyn Show. If you don't want to watch it on your telephone, you can watch it on your Smart TV with the whole family agog.

Today is International Women's Day, but Steyn chose to spend it with three not terribly international women, all of them subjects of His Majesty: Leilani Dowding, Alexandra Marshall and Dominique Samuels. If there was a theme to the show, it was the multi-front tainting of childhood - from the destruction of children's literature to the hyper-sexualisation of our infants. But we also touched on important shifts in the Covid narrative - and in the January 6th narrative.

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~Thank you for all your kind comments about yesterday's show. Jamie Marsh, a First Weekend Founding Member of The Mark Steyn Club, writes:

I was just reading through Jamie Jenkins' Twitter feed and he is taking a sledgehammer to the crappy UK media and OfCom over all the unfounded claims made about Covid vaccine effectiveness and made-up statistics that were parroted unchallenged on various UK news programs. In particular Piers Morgan comes out looking pretty weaselly - taking Jamie's data without attribution then unfollowing him when Jamie calls him out on it?

That's Piers all over, Jamie. But the bandwagon's all full up now, and it's too late for him to jump aboard.

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