The New Not Normal

Welcome to the first Mark Steyn Show of a new week. North America has sprung into summer while Europe remains fallen back in winter, so until the weekend we will air at our usual time in the UK - 8pm GMT - but an hour later in the US and Canada: 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific.

Today's show begins with Mark's take on the western world's smooth adjustment to things that, just a few years ago, would have seemed entirely abnormal: China's control of western governments, unelected and unliked leaders installed in parliamentary democracies, a ban on protests in capital cities, not to mention a US president announcing that he's scheduled to be arrested tomorrow.

Next, Dominique Samuels joins Steyn for her view on the state's determination to prevent any proper accounting of the Covid and its vaccines and the broader condition of our world. The Stats Man Jamie Jenkins is back to ponder the gulf between Net Zero/Ukraine virtue-signalling and the realities of the energy supply. And Bethan Nodwell makes her debut on the Steyn Show for a tale of what one woman was willing to do for her fellow citizens, and the price she has paid.

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~We shall have some important Ofcom news on a brand new Steyn Show tomorrow, Tuesday, at 8pm UK/4pm North American Eastern.