The Damage Done by Ofcom

The "niche Canadian" (thank you, The Guardian) returns with another post-cardiac edition of The Mark Steyn Show. If you don't want to watch it on your telephone, you can watch it on your Smart TV with the whole family agog.

On today's show Mark expands on his announcement last night that his solicitors have served notice on the Ministry of Truth Ofcom that he and the powerful UK censorship agency are headed to the High Court. After his monologue, BBC presenter and vaccine victim Jules Serkin returns to the show to discuss how, at the behest of Ofcom, UK TV and radio has utterly failed to do its job these last three years.

Afterwards, Leilani Dowding and Alexandra Marshall join Mark to discuss fifteen-minute cities and where exactly following the science leads.

Plus Mark's Mailbox - and what happens when a super-breed of gay, fecund, high IQ rodents busts out of the lab. Click above to view the full show.

~Thank you for all your supportive comments about Steyn's new legal battle. Jennifer Price, a member of The Mark Steyn Club from the English Home Counties, writes:

Crowd funding for Mark Steyn vs Ofcom. There should be a queue of people ready to help out. I am top of the list.

Damien Carbury, a Steyn Clubber from New South Wales, agrees:

You're not wrong, Jennifer. I'm itching to donate too. We could get a certificate when he wins or top contributors could opt for a t-shirt.

Well, maybe. But, as Mark has written over the years, there are problems with "crowd funding" - and that was before His Majesty's Canadian Government began freezing the bank accounts of donors to the trucker convoy. In the meantime, you could always buy a chum a Steyn Club membership or a gift certificate or Mark's new book. They get a great present - and you don't get your current account seized.

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