Paris Matches

Welcome to the first Mark Steyn Show of a new week. With the arrival of British Summer Time, we are back to our usual times on both sides of the Atlantic: 8pm UK/3pm North American Eastern.

Today's show begins with Mark's brisk tour d'horizon of the New Non-Normal in the US, Canada, Germany and beyond. Longtime EIB listeners will recall Rush's definition of a serious protest - two million people on the streets. Well, in France, at least three million were out over the weekend, leading to M Macron's cancellation of the state visit of King Charles III. So what's going on? Anne-√Člisabeth Moutet returns to the show to give us her take, and to venture a distinction between two specimens of dinky globalist technocrat.

Next, Steyn updates us on his suit against Ofcom and the cosy mutual backslapping between the UK media "regulator" and its political overseers. Afterwards, an English school teacher, Cathy Kirby, joins Mark to recount a rare but hard-fought victory over the disgraceful and abusive Norfolk Constabulary and their conviction of her for a "non-crime hate incident".

All that - plus Mark's Mailbox and a song from Mark Steyn Cruise favourite Tal Bachman.

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We shall have a brand new Steyn Show tomorrow, Tuesday, at 8pm BST/3pm North American Eastern.