The Shame of England

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This week the mysterious man who mysteriously emerged as British Prime Minister announced that he is so disgusted by the industrial-scale gang-rape of English girls going on in innumerable towns up and down the land that he is - wait for it - setting up a 24/7 hotline.

GB News and its principal investor are sufficiently impressed by this to claim "victory" and move on, but on tonight's Steyn Show special edition Mark is more sceptical of the Government's "action".

After giving his thoughts on this latest pseudo-initiative, Steyn then revisits some of his coverage of this issue over the years, starting as always with the victims of this terrible scourge - Sammy Woodhouse from Rotherham and Samantha Smith from Telford - but also talking to former police officer Maggie Oliver of the Maggie Oliver Foundation and Oldham councillor Brian Hobin.

One thing that emerges in the accumulation of interviews - and which makes one even more cynical about Rishi Rich's "concern" - is that it is increasingly clear that all the previous "actions" of UK officialdom have been designed to obscure and obstruct the truth of what is happening, going back well over a decade to the Home Office under Gordon Brown. Anything that might have protected thousands and thousands of white working-class girls - police, social services, official inquiries - has been ruthlessly subverted and compromised from the highest level down. The behaviour of South Yorkshire, West Mercia, Greater Manchester and other constabularies is particularly disgusting. That is one reason why Mark is determined to stay on this story.

As you heard on yesterday's episode, our friend Samantha Smith ("groomed" - ie, sexually enslaved - for a decade from kindergarten on) is challenging the Labour Party leader for a seat on Telford & Wrekin Council - in part because of the failures of municipal authorities on this issue. If you live in Shropshire or beyond, we hope you will consider supporting her.

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