Ship of Fools

Mark had a bit of a wobbly week last week and is building up his strength to get back to full output. So, after two great shows with some of his most popular guests on Monday and Tuesday, we thought you'd enjoy the following one-hour special:

For the course of its six-year run, Tucker Carlson Tonight was without doubt the best show on American cable news - and, in defiance of the usual trajectory, got better and better as the years went by. Absent TCT, primetime at Fox is a lot more boring, predictable, and irrelevant to anything that matters. Tucker will do just fine, and we can't wait to see what's next for him - and 99 per cent of the things that will be leaked about him in the coming days will be total bollocks.

Steyn was privileged to appear on the show every week for most of its run, and also served for many years as Carlson's guest host. A while back, to mark the launch of Tucker's entertaining and insightful book Ship of Fools, he sat down with Mark for a full hour - and, just for a change, Steyn interviewed Carlson rather than the other way around. Together, they explore some of the biggest issues of our time, including the state of men in contemporary society and the likelihood of civil war, as well as detouring into asides on fly-fishing and unpasteurised cheese. And Tucker talks very candidly about what it's like to find yourself on the receiving end of a false rape accusation.

Click below to watch:

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