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Welcome to the Tuesday edition of The Mark Steyn Show. If you're watching us in real time, immediately after today's show, Mark will be back with his old EIB comrade on Bo Snerdley's Rush Hour, live at 4pm US Eastern on New York's legendary radio powerhouse, 77 WABC.

Today's Steyn Show begins with breaking news. The British media censor Ofcom has, yet again, found Mark, along with Naomi Wolf, guilty:

Mark Steyn show on GB News breaches Ofcom code with Covid claims for second time

Next up is Alexandra Marshall with some monarchical musings in the wake of her own pre-eminence at the Government House observances in Sydney.

Afterwards, our Stats Man Jamie Jenkins returns to the show to address the significance, if any, of the World Health Organisation proclaiming the pandemic "over".

All that plus Mark's Mailbox and a tip of the hat to a favourite singer.

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~The London papers are covering Ofcom's second conviction of Steyn in the usual way. However, we did enjoy this headline:

GB News' Mark Steyn threatens legal action against Ofcom ruling

To be clear, Mark isn't "threatening"; he's going ahead and doing it. And, as for "GB News' Mark Steyn", GBN is nothing to do with the upcoming court case, because they're wimps who've rolled over for Ofcom.

Still, The Jewish Chronicle (which long ago gave Broadway Babies Say Goodnight a rave review) has no difficulty putting Mark and Naomi into the sudden post-Covid trend of rampant anti-Semitism:

GB News broke broadcasting rules over 'Nazi Germany' vaccine claims

In fairness, however, they do include Steyn's response:

Mark Steyn said: "Do knock it off with the conspiracy b****cks. Naomi Wolf is a practicing Jew and, as such, joked on my show that she was therefore 'allowed' to make the Nazi comparison.

"The Israeli cardiologist quoted by Andrew Bridgen presumed the same thing, as did the many Jewish scientists from around the world who wrote the open letter to Mr Sunak calling on the Conservative Party to withdraw its slander.

"The notion that merely mentioning the governing party of Germany from 1933 to 1945 is enough to get an observant Jew labeled a Jew-hater is patently absurd.

"The issue here is that Ofcom is exceeding its statutory authority in a way none of its predecessor entities - the IBA, the Radio Authority, etc - ever did.

"It has become a kangaroo court, micromanaging UK media coverage on critical aspects of public policy in ways that deeply damage free and open discourse in a land that was once the crucible of liberty.

"I am already taking Ofcom to court over their previous decision, and we will add this latest rubbish to the charge sheet."

You can read Naomi Wolf's take here.

~Aside from buying Mark's new book, there are multiple ways of supporting his lawsuit against Ofcom in the English High Court, including:

a) signing up a friend for a Steyn Club Gift Membership;

b) buying a loved one a SteynOnline gift certificate; or

c) joining Alexandra and his other special guests on this summer's Steyn Cruise.

As noted above, the post-Steyn GB News will not be standing with Mark in court. But the "chilling effect" of Ofcom on public discourse is far worse than Canada under Section 13 or Australia under Section 18C, so battle must be joined.

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